Sending perishables by air from Mexico, with excellence in: Verification of documentation.
Product care in handling, packaging and shipping.
Detection of details that at some point could affect the product in its health.
Ideal temperature management for products.
Packaging suitable to the client’s requirements for the conservation of their product.

Green Sky gives its service the additional value of the different types of packaging that are produced at the sister company Hecart International.


We advise the exporter on issues related to the way of invoicing CFDI and XML formats, making stamps in VUCEM, tariff fractions, incoterms, scientific product names, appropriate packaging for each product, maximum weight and dimensions per piece.


We carry out a constant search for the good transfer of your export shipments with good planning of direct routes or transit times as short as possible, economic rates for high volumes of cargo, scheduling and scheduling of shipments.


All cargo is handled according to its nature, with the understanding that we are moving live and rapidly maturing products, we handle their cargoes with the necessary care, paying attention mainly to prompt customs clearance, delivery to the warehouse and the revision of the original packaging which is responsible for maintaining the protection and freshness of the merchandise.


We always seek to give our clients various alternatives of routes and schedules, mainly offering direct flights when they are available or joining forces with our allies in North America, Europe and Asia at transit points for the best handling of loads when it comes of some scale or connection.


We inform the client in a timely manner of the release of the merchandise at destination or any problem that arises in the process.


    Export and Operations

    Norte 180 No. 606 Segundo Piso,Col. Pensador Mexicano, CP: 15520. CDMX, México
    Phone: +52 (55) 2603 6932 /+52 (55) 2603 69 33
    Fax + 52 (55) 5771 1026

    Sales Office

    4ta Cajamarca #33, Altos. Col. Las Américas,
    CP 53040, CDMX, México.
    Phone +52 (55) 53 73 12 74 / +52 (55) 53 63 64 33
    Fax +52 (55) 53 63 05 27

    Green sky Cancún

    SM Abastos local 445-7 zona Alfredo Bonfil,
    Cancún, México
    Phone: +52 (998) 206 2109

    Green sky Guadalajara

    Plaza Hangar local 15 1st Floor
    El refugio, Guadalajara Jalisco
    Phone: +52 (55) 6659 7963